Marwadi business mind

The Marwari companies have 6 percent capitalization of the Bombay Stock Exchange and constitute a quarter of the Forbes Indian billionaires list.

Mindset . Use Minimum ….. Utilize Maximum

During Mughal period the Rajputs of Rajasthan were important partners in power. The associated Baniyas of Rajasthan were trusted for financial and economic matters. They became financial backbone of Mughal empire and thus increased their business from Delhi to Bengal.

According to Thomas A Timberg’s book, The Marwaris: From Jagath Seth to the Birlas, there are seven secrets of Marwari businessmen which are still valid “and perhaps will remain so”.

Believe in expansion
Centralized finance control
Value of money
Unwillingness to spend money
Subordination of the individual to the family and vision
Decision making
their ability to adapt to situations
A flexibility of mind
Tight and centralised financial control
Adaptability and opportunism
Building social capital and a brand

First let me point out that Marwadi word refers to people who are from Marwad/ Marwar region.
• Marwaris have a high and optimistic thinking level.
• We think of saving when you think of spending.
• We don’t waste money in unnecessary purchases.
• We dont feel ashamed in asking for discounts even in 5 star hotels.
• The following are the reasons.
• They focus fully on earning, others do all expenses then whatever is remaining they do savings but Marwadis do reverse.
• Marwaris are down to earth.
• Marwaris do hard as well smart work.
• Marwaris are very calculative, on fingers they can tell you in any deal what will be investment, what expenses and what profit or loss you will get.
• ou will find Marwaris in every part of the world because of their ability and business sense.
• Their ancestors have lived very critical life there, and hence mindset and lifestyle is built accordingly, and the same lifestyle is passed from generation to generation

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