What is cultivated meat? Top 20 Emerging Lab-Grown Meat Companies .

Cultivated meat, also known as lab-grown meat, cultured meat, or cell-based meat, is a form of meat produced by cultivating animal cells in a controlled environment rather than raising and slaughtering animals. This innovative method involves taking a small sample of animal cells and providing them with the necessary nutrients and conditions to grow and multiply, forming muscle tissue that is essentially identical to conventional meat.

The process generally includes:

  1. Cell Collection: Obtaining a small sample of cells from a live animal, usually via a harmless biopsy.
  2. Cell Cultivation: Placing these cells in a bioreactor where they are provided with a growth medium rich in nutrients.
  3. Tissue Formation: As the cells grow and multiply, they form muscle tissue, fat, and other types of tissue to create the final meat product.
  4. Harvesting and Processing: Once the tissue reaches the desired volume and maturity, it is harvested and processed into meat products like burgers, steaks, or nuggets.

Cultivated meat aims to address several issues associated with traditional meat production, including animal welfare, environmental sustainability, and food security.

Top 20 Emerging Lab-Grown Meat Companies

  1. Memphis Meats (USA): One of the pioneers in the field, focusing on beef, chicken, and duck.
  2. Mosa Meat (Netherlands): Known for creating the world’s first lab-grown hamburger.
  3. Aleph Farms (Israel): Specializes in growing steaks directly from bovine cells.
  4. Just, Inc. (USA): Working on both plant-based and cultured meat products.
  5. Finless Foods (USA): Focuses on lab-grown seafood, particularly bluefin tuna.
  6. BlueNalu (USA): Another key player in the lab-grown seafood market.
  7. SuperMeat (Israel): Develops cultured poultry products.
  8. Shiok Meats (Singapore): The first company to produce lab-grown shrimp.
  9. New Age Meats (USA): Specializes in cultured pork products.
  10. BioTech Foods (Spain): Works on producing cultured meat and meat products.
  11. Cellular Agriculture Ltd. (UK): Focuses on lab-grown meat and associated technologies.
  12. Biftek.co (Turkey): Develops serum-free growth media for cultivated meat.
  13. Wild Type (USA): Concentrates on producing lab-grown salmon.
  14. Higher Steaks (UK): Specializes in pork products, including bacon and sausages.
  15. Meatable (Netherlands): Utilizes proprietary technology to produce pork and beef.
  16. Future Meat Technologies (Israel): Aims for cost-effective and scalable cultured meat production.
  17. Mission Barns (USA): Produces cultivated fat to enhance plant-based meat products.
  18. Triton Algae Innovations (USA): Combines algae and cultured meat technologies.
  19. Ivy Farm Technologiesi (UK): Real meat, without the guilt.
  20. Cubiq Foods (Spain): Develops cultured fat for use in various food applications.

These companies are at the forefront of a technological revolution in food production, aiming to bring more sustainable, ethical, and efficient meat products to the market.

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